Finca Sukkot... Ecological Dynamic Farming

Located in the South of the Ecuadorian Andes (60km south of Loja and 20km south of Vilcabamba), Finca Sukkot is nestled at a junction of two valleys, and in between the two National Parks Podocarpus and Yacuri. It’s land lays gently next to a river. Surrounded by high mountains, the Finca and it’s inhabitants are blessed with different vegetation and climate zones and an all year round mild spring/ summer climate. Pure air and mountain water provide one of the most healthiest environments on this planet. Almost everything grows here, almost anytime.


There are many different methods of farming practiced and promoted around here.
Courses are offered for any type of farming, and sometimes for a lot of money. Permaculture, Bio dynamic Farming, Mandala Gardening, Taoist Hermitage Farming, Horticulture Farming, Organic Farming, Sustainable Farming...
For us farming is "just life" and life has to go along with all creation. Farming can be simple, if one considers all aspects of life. However, simple does not mean easy living. In fact working the soil is hard work, but still it's part of life.
We believe, this part of the earth was created in perfection and destroyed only within a few decades due to inconsiderate farming methods.
It is our challenge and task to reinstall all life on this little plot of land we call Finca Sukkot. Sukkot is a Hebrew term and in conjunction with Thanks Giving.
Fortunately we are blessed in such a way to be able to give thanks to the creator of All, who has revealed Himself as the "I am who I am" and whom we call our Father in heaven. His true character is shown to us in the teachings and deeds of His son Jesus Christ. We can be thankful on a daily basis, as we are harvesting every day.
We would consider our farming activities Ecologic Dynamic Farming.
Organisations like Greenpeace call Ecologic Farming "The Solution" and we believe Ecologic Farming is part of "The Solution", part to bring more righteousness through dynamic inspiration into the world.
Our farm products are of highest quality, processed with ingredients produced organically as far as possible.
To be able to offer farm products with high value to affordable prices, we have developed our own marketing and sales structure. One element of this structure is our online shop. No midman participates on the deal between you and us!